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Custom built computers for Swansea

Here at IT In The Home we can create custom built PC's to suit any requirements you have. We can guide you through all the latest technologies and filter out what you actually need and not fill your computer unnecessary parts. The software for the computer is also tailor made for you, keeping the PC quick and free of bloatware.

Higher spec models will have the option of having their components overclocked. This is a process of tuning say, for example, the CPU to run faster than the stock speed. A resulting speed increase of 30-40% is quite achievable with no risk to the computer whatsoever.

Home computers

Taking your personal preferences into account we generally build our computers around three different specifications.

Starter - You might think of this computer to be the 'budget' model but we build this computer with the same high standards as the rest of our range. All the components are of top quality and the spec is above the minimum for running Windows 7.

Standard - This computer is designed with a higher spec than the starter model but also has a bit more longevity and upgradability in mind. For example, the motherboard may have a newer CPU socket and features like the latest connectivity.

Superior - If you want the nothing but the best and require some serious computing power, this is the option for you. We can advise you on what the best performance to price ratio parts are and assemble a PC that will not leave you disappointed.

Gaming rigs

Gaming is at the forefront of the PC market and drives the need for more performance ever onward. The gaming PC takes much of what is in the superior model but concentrates on what is suited more to getting your games run as best they possibly can. Get the best load times, higher FPS and gorgeous graphics to boot.

Media centre PC's

This PC is all about fitting in to your living space, performing as well as a regular computer but either having pleasing aesthetics or not being seen at all. It must have large amounts of storage space for all your recorded shows or ripped DVD's, plenty of the right connections for all your high definition equipment and be whisper quiet so that you can enjoy it in peace.

All computer builds are under a 1 year warranty and where possible a 2 year warranty is applied.

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