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Data recovery services in Swansea

There are many instances when you may think that you have lost precious data whether it be holiday photo's, home movies or important work files. In most instances your data is in fact recoverable.

If any of these circumstances apply we may be able to help

Desktop or laptop malfunction

If your computer has malfunctioned in any way and does no longer boot up, your information should still be safe on the hard drive. We will backup your data safely and restore it to your new equipment. At the same time we will also check to see if your computer can indeed be fixed.

Deleted a file accidentally

If a file has been lost by a program or by accident all is not lost. When something is deleted on the hard drive, only the reference to the file is actually gone. The data remains until it is written over and becomes over time more and more unrecoverable. So if you want a file recovered, don't delay in calling us for help.

Operating system failure (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Failed or corrupt operating systems can be brought back to a working state fairly easily; using manual backups or automatic system backups can restore you to an earlier state, before the system failed. If no backup exists or fails to work then your data can still be recovered by ourselves as it should remain on the hard drive unharmed.

Dropped or damaged hard drives

When a hard drive has been dropped or physically damaged the head crashes into the disc platters, potentially destroying the areas it comes in contact with. Think of it like a record player scratching a vinyl. Some have safeguard features to protect this from happening. The information may still be recoverable.

Good backup procedures

At this stage it is obviously too late to talk about backing up important data. Once the job is complete however we can talk you through some good backup procedures and show you how your particular operating system deals with backup and restoration of your files.

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